Commissioning Management Services for LEED Certification

Commissioning Management Services for LEED Certification

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Projects targeting LEED Certification shall comply with LEED rating system requirements regarding Fundamental & Enhanced Commissioning.

EES is assigned in project team as The Independent Commissioning Authority (CxA) to manage the commissioning process as highlighted in the commissioning requirements of LEED BD&C reference guide. This includes:

A Pre-Design / Design Phase
1 Review the owner’s project requirements (OPR). (Prerequisite)
2 Review the basis of design document (BOD). (Prerequisite)
3 Develop and implement the commissioning plan. (Prerequisite)
4 Incorporate commissioning requirements into construction document. (Prerequisite)
5 Conduct commissioning design review prior to mid-construction documents. (Enhanced Commissioning)
B Construction Phase
1 Review contractor submittals applicable to systems being commissioned. (Enhanced Commissioning)
2 Verify installation and performance of commissioned systems (Prerequisite)
3 Develop systems manual for commissioned systems (Enhanced Commissioning)
4 Verify that requirements for training are completed. (Enhanced Commissioning)
5 Complete a summary commissioning report. (Prerequisite)
C Occupancy Stage
1 Review building operation within 10 months after substantial complete. (Enhanced Commissioning)

LEED BD&C Reference Guide V3 (2009), EA P1, Table 1. Tasks and Responsibilities for EA Prerequisite 1 and EA Credit 3