Expanded Dharan Residential Community Project (Packages 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7)

City: Dhahran
Country: Saudi Arabia
Category: Residential
Scope: Testing, Adjusting & Balancing
Status: Completed
About: A comprehensive expansion of the Dhahran community will bring an array of world-class homes and facilities to a wide swath of the housing area now called Jebel Heights. Expanding the community by 25%, the expansion will include a total of 1,556 residential units, including 885 family villas, 671 apartments, and new community and recreation facilities, including a convenience store, a food court, and a fitness center.
Package 4 consists of more than 200 Villas, Package 5 more than 350 Villas, Package 6 more than 250 Villas, Package 7 around 13 residential buildings, and Package 3 includes many Support Facility Buildings.