Makkah Haram: Shamiyah Expansion, Pedestrian Tunnels, Haram Toilets, Masaa, External Works & CUC

Al-Shamiya project is considered one of Saudi Arabia’s most ambitious construction projects, with the significance of the location falling within the holy sanctuary of Makkah to the north of the Haram Mosque. The area of the mosque will be expanded from the current 356,000 m2 to 400,000 m2.
The cost of the project is $10.6 billion and after completion the mosque will house over 2.5 million worshipers. The Mataaf (the circumambulation areas around the Kaaba) will also see expansion and all closed spaces will be air conditioned. The King Abdullah Expansion Project will cover an area of 456,000 m2 will accommodate an additional 1.2 million faithfuls. Courtyards of the mosque’s new expansion can hold more than 250,000 worshipers. The project is being implemented by the Saudi Binladin Group.