Mouwasat Hospitals (Qatif, Jubail, & Khobar)

– Qatif Hospital: Its capacity is 100 beds divided into single and double rooms as well as deluxe suites. The total number of outpatient clinics is 40 distributed across the various medical specialties.
– Jubail Hospital: 170 bed facility with 70 outpatient clinics and a well-equipped Emergency Department operating 24/7. The intensive care units expanded to 12 ICU rooms, 6 CCU rooms and 5 PICU rooms in addition to new hemodialysis unit and industrial medical checkup department.
– Khobar Hospital: a total capacity of 280 beds, a total area 53,000 m2 and building area of 48,000 m2. It is worth noting that 60 beds were allocated for the intensive care departments for adults, children, newborns and isolation rooms. There is also a multi-role building for parking that can accommodate more than 850 cars connected to the hospital to serve visitors.